StrideSync SmartWatch

Introducing the "FitSync Pro SmartWatch"

Stay connected and motivated with the FitSync Pro SmartWatch, designed to elevate your fitness journey. Featuring multiple dials for customizable style and GPS functionality, this watch keeps pace with your active lifestyle.

The detachable band ensures versatility, while the 128MB RAM guarantees smooth performance.

With a band length of 230mm and crafted from durable silica gel, comfort and durability are at the forefront. Life waterproofing ensures worry-free wear in any environment. Seamlessly connect to the LEFUN app for comprehensive tracking and analysis.

Originating from Mainland China and certified with CE, this smartwatch boasts Bluetooth-compatible Version 4.0 for easy connectivity.

Powered by an electronic movement type and suitable for adults, it weighs a mere 28g for lightweight wear.

The 1.44-inch display provides clear visuals, while the <120mAh battery capacity ensures long-lasting usage. With a responsive touch screen and CPU Model PHY6222, navigating your fitness data is effortless.

Track your steps with precision, receive message and call reminders, and control your music remotely.

With Android Wear compatibility, the FitSync Pro SmartWatch seamlessly integrates into your digital life, empowering you to reach your fitness goals with ease.