OilAway - Stone Face Roller Massager

Keep Your Face Oil-Free Throughout The Day!

Quickly remove the nasty oil from your face with the OilAway. This handy tool helps keep your face oil-free even when you're on the go!

The OilAway is a portable oil blotter made with volcanic stone to absorb oil within seconds. You can wash and reuse it again and again for a beautifully matte face.

Key Benefits

Fast Absorbing Materials - The volcanic stone tip of the OilAway removes the excess oil from your face once it touches your skin. Its mattifying effect makes your face look less greasy.

Handy Design - It's tiny enough to fit in any purse or pouch, making the OilAway easy to carry around. The tip is shaped like ball so it can smoothly roll along your skin.

Protects Make-up - The OilAway doesn’t ruin your make up when you touch up your face to remove oily spots. It also improves your face's condition and keeps your skin clean and fresh!

Easy Wash - The volcanic stone tip of the OilAway can be cleaned with warm water and gentle soap. It can be reused after a night of air drying.