Hydrogen Water Bottle Rich Portable Sports Water Bottle BPA Free Generator

Introducing our Hydrogen Water Bottle Rich: Your ultimate companion for staying hydrated and revitalized on the go.
Crafted for active lifestyles, this portable sports water bottle offers the rejuvenating benefits of hydrogen-rich water anytime, anywhere.
Made from BPA-free materials, it ensures safe and eco-friendly hydration. With its integrated hydrogen generator, you can enjoy antioxidant-rich water that helps boost energy and promote overall well-being.
Whether you're hitting the gym, hiking, or simply running errands, this innovative bottle ensures you stay refreshed and revitalized throughout the day. Elevate your hydration game with our Hydrogen Water Bottle Rich today!

The Q12 hydrogen water generator makes the water in a high hydrogen concentration from 1200ppb-2400ppb, ORP from -200mV to -600mV.



Most Importantly, with its high-quality USA DUPONT N117 membrane, it puts only pure H2 into the water. Oxygen, Ozone, and Chlorine are separated. So the hydrogen water you get is 99.99% pure H2 and NO Chlorine, NO oxygen, No H2O2, and NO Ozone. portable for travel, work, and office.



Any kind of water can be used: Mineral Water, Pure Water,and Distilled Water are welcome. Additionally, this machine uses PEM and SPE technology to make pure 99.99% H2 hydrogen.