Suyzeko Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator Free Shipping


Brand Name: suyzeko


Product name: Hydrogen Water Bottle

Color: Blue, grey, red, gold,pink

Water cup capacity: 230ml (8 oz)

Mode of electrolysis: Proton membrane+titanium platinum electrode

Solubility of hydrogen: 6000ppb+

Shell material: Aviation aluminum+anodized oxidation

Cup body quality: Food grade PC

Weight: 1KG

Main engine size: Diameter 2.36inch*7.48inch

Fucation: Break resistant,Ultra high concentration

Feature: Reduce blood lipids, improve sleep, purify the blood


Product Advantages:

【Pure water electrolysis technology】: The hydrogen water bottle uses SPE and PEM technology to rapidly electrolyze water to separate and release H2 and O2, helping to turn ordinary drinking water into hydrogen ion-rich alkaline water, effectively reducing oxidative stress

【One-button start/stop】: The hydrogen-rich water bottle has EVE pads on the bottom for stability and slip resistance. Easy to use in the office, on the go and at work, reducing the physical fatigue you may experience throughout the day.

【The improvement of hydrogen】: Hydrogen water bottles make water molecules smaller, better absorbed by cell membranes, boost metabolism, help improve sleep quality, fight inflammation and improve skin health in a natural way.Drinking rich hydrogen water can reduce blood lipids, improve sleep, purify the blood.

【Thoughtful little gift】: Hydrogen-rich water is rich in antioxidants and its long-term consumption helps to improve muscle soreness and reduce physical fatigue after exercise, making it a great gift for family and friends.

【Usage advice】: Please clean the hydrogen water generator once or twice before use, do not pour juice, milk, tea etc. into the alkaline water ioniser, one year warranty and friendly customer service

ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: High grade Titanium + Platinum coating Electrodes. lt's Portable and Easy to Use. Turns any drinking water into hydrogen rich water instantyt. Works with all water types.Purifes tap water by expelling ozone and hydrogen peroxide and chlorine. It is made of food grade high quality break-resistant tritan body.

ULTRA HIGH CONCENTRATION 6000PPB: Super-high hydrogen concentration

. 1 x 5 minutes mode = 2000~2600ppb

. 1 x10 minutes mode = 5000+ppb.

SPE&PEM:World class extreme fitration remove impurities, reduces the water molecular size which allows it easily absorbed by your body.The 3rd gen ionizer produces up to 6000ppb of molecular hydrogen withoutchlorine and ozone, makes your water real pure healthy hydrogen rich water.

RECHARGEABLE POLYMER LITHIUM BATTERY:H2-rich cup comes with high-quality lithium polymer battery which provides longer battery life. The Magnetic Charging connector makes charging more convenient

DESIGN:Beautifuly designed to carry your bottle in style. 230ml(8 oz) H2-rich cup with perfect sealing,zero leak design.Internal security relief design to protect the body from accident

1 YEAR WARRANTY:Comes with one year warranty and life-time professional support

Maintenance: Clean with citric acid(lemon juice or white vinegar) every 2 to 4 weeks

Package Includes :1 * Hydrogen Rich Water Generator, 1*User Manual 1*Magnetic Charging Cable.Suyzeko Hydrogen Water Bottle Generator 6000ppb Hydrogen-Rich Water Cup Water Generator Purifier H2 Filter Ionizer Free Shipping